Street Kid Was About To Ask The Woman For Money When He Noticed it…

John Thuo is a homeless youth who lives on the streets in Nairobi, Kenya. He spends the day asking for money the drivers of stopped cars. One day, he met a woman called Gladys Kamande who suffered with collapsed lungs. She has to carry some oxygen supplies with her all the time because she faces shortness of breath. The little boy asked her about the supplies since he never saw something like that. Gladys told him about her health issues which made the boy cry. He realized that he is not the only one who lives in the most difficult conditions possible. “I feel terrible that there is nothing I could do for you”, is what his sadly said to Gladys.


He touched the woman’s hand and said to her that he will pray a lot for her health. Next, he took a little money that he had collected and gave it to her.

There was a passerby next to them who witnessed it all. He took some photos and shared this amazing story on internet. As the story spread, people donated more than 3 million shillings on a Kenyan fundraising site. We hope her fund will continue to rise until it covers the needed amount to be treated in India.

Another good news is that Gladys made it possible for the little John to go back in school.

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