“My Dog Was Driving” is What He Tells Police After Driving in High Speed!


OCTOBER 8, Wednesday – A vehicle which was going on a high-speed was crashed into a building while it was being chased by police. “My dog was driving that car” is what the owner of the car said to cops. The car was being driven by Reliford Cooper  around 7:45 PM. Cops reported that he was broke a lot of traffic laws before crashing.

Smelling booze and marijuana he told Florida cops that it isn’t his fault because his dog was driving the car. Moreover, he said that he had not drugs or guns in his car.


He was imprisoned for 5 years in a Florida prison because he committed robbery, theft, and burglary. After he was released he was arrested again for aggravated assault. Now, he is being arrested for driving while being drunk and resisting to arrest.

Who the hell are you trying to fool Cooper?


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