Little Girl Tells Santa Her Wish; He and His Elves Start Punching Up Kid Molester

Local police has arrested a group of men at South-ridge Mall because they were involved into a fight with SANTA CLAUS and his elves. However, the truth is that they weren’t fighting among themselves but they were beating a kid molester. 

While shopping at the mall with her stepfather called Kris Kane, a little girl approached Santa Claus as she wanted to tell him her wish. “Please make my stepdad stop touching me at night” is what she whispered in Santa’s ear. Her stepdad was waiting for the girl to finish talking to Santa. Santa didn’t say anything to the little girl. He just approached her stepdad and started to punch the crap out of him. There were some guys walking nearby who start helping the Santa beat up the molester. 

The Milwaukee Police spokesperson said that they have arrested the molester (a dangerous pedophile) and are about to prosecute him after having interviewed Mrs. Kane and the little girl. 

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