Getting Drunk Twice a Week is Essential For Men’s Health!

There are a lot of warning about how bad is alcohol. People are advised to stop drinking it. What if you are told that alcohol isn’t that bad for you, or actually it is essential for your health?


A study done by University of Oxford says that it is very important for men’s health to go out and get drunk. They do it only for fun, but the truth is that in order to stay healthy they should get drunk twice a week. The study was conducted by Robin Dunbar who is a psychologist. He says that in order for men to obtain the benefits of friendship they should meet with few friends twice a week.

High level of kindness, lower anxiety level, and stronger immune system are some of the benefits that men gain by having male friends.


Dunbar encourages dudes to go out with their male friends and get drunk.  There is a study which says that one in three men in the UK finds it difficult to find some free time for hanging out with his friends once a week.


Men spend 20% of their day to chat with their friends through social networks. However, Dunbar says that they have to meet face to face in order to keep a strong friendship. A good chat and few pints is they key.


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