Bob Marley’s Body Found Behind a Fast Food Restaurant!


There was a body found in a cardboard box behind a fast food in Kingston, Jamaica. It looked like a body of an old homeless man. A battered old guitar, a small can with marijuana, and a picture of the Houses of Parliament in London were found on his pockets.

The DNA results were unbelievable. The body found behind the fast food was of the reggae superstar Bob Marley. The coroners thought that there must have been a mistake because it was presumed that he died from cancer in 1981. They believed that this is a joke or something like that so they decided to label this body as ” persons unknown”.

Later on, there were some officials from the government who confirmed that the body is indeed Marley. They confessed to have faked his death in 1981 because he wanted to live a peaceful life. It was his own wish they said.

They said to bury his body and not say a word about this to the public. However, the coroners decided not to keep this secret, because the truth should be heard whether the government wants it or not.


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