Amazing Relationship Between a Dog and a Kitten!

A Tamaskan husky pup called Raven needed a friend to grow up with. Her human mother Christina decided to take Raven to a shelter in Lubbock, Texas saying that it was difficult for her to pick a good friend for her pup.

She says that she always wanted to grow a dog and a cat together. 4 kittens were presented to Raven. Unfortunately, just one of them showed interest in Raven. They became so friendly with each other.

Raven was taken to a shelter

The dog was presented with 4 kittens

Woodhouse- Only this kitten showed interest in her

They got along together very well

After 1 year- They are still inseparable!

They cuddle each other

They enjoy comfy naps…

They are just perfect with each other

They celebrate their birthdays

It is so cute, isn’t it?!


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